Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Highway 54

There's nothing wrong with it; just with how it's being used.

There's nothing wrong with how many vehicles are on it; just with how they're being driven.

How can you run a goddamned country if you can't run 28 kilometers of highway?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Shoeper Star

My mother’s not quite young, you see, but she still insists on wearing shoes with impossibly high heels and eventually ends up not being able to walk soon thereafter. So I scrounged around, hoping to find something to help her and come across Beautifeel shoes. These guys, by the looks of it, are hell bent on creating a quality product. They’re big on comfort, and as a matter of fact I believe the business was put up because of this one need. I had a quick look at their wares and I think it’s possible that mamma mia will dig their shoes. Off to drag Mama over to the computer now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Means You

Just because I feel it needs re-posting.

...he'd be nothing like me. He'd be good-looking, fair-skinned, filthy rich, popular, and impeccably stylish. He'd be named Giancarlo. He'd also be able to say the things I can't.

"What, now you think that you're the Jesus of cool?"

"Nope. Social status is not contagious. You still ain't one of us."

"Everyone knows you're gay. Well, except you."

"Kurt Cobain was not a poet."

"Your favorite band sucks."

"Listen, you are not sexual harassment material."

"Reading all those books won't wash away that stench of idiocy that hangs about you."

"If you weren't rich, you'd be bloody ugly."

"That raise shut you up, didn't it?"

"If you were THAT good, you wouldn't be here telling me about it."

"Considering that someone's pay should be proportional to their work, you're Bill Fucking Gates."

"You sure have a lot of complaints for someone who's drunk 6 nights a week."

"Yeah I think those clothes would look a lot better on you if you were, say, Caucasian."

"Call me when you start shitting fragrant blossoms. Maybe then I'll finally realize how inferior I am to you."

"Good idea wearing that loud shirt. It takes my eyes away from your face."

"UP, Ateneo, and La Salle are not the eighth, ninth, and tenth wonders of the world."

"Did you know that overpriced coffee can make you sterile? Not that that's a bad thing."

"Any schmuck can wear a tie and look like a banker."

"That's a big-ass SUV. What bully screwed you up in grade school?"

"Why thank you. I enjoy holding doors open for people. It's a hobby."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Por Sale

With a new machine coming possibly very soon, we’ll need to get rid of one machine we currently have. I’d like to sell it at a slightly higher, but still reasonable, price so we’re looking to do some upgrades before we put it on the market. RAM needs to be upgraded and we’re on the hunt for video cards. Another thing I’m looking to do to raise the computer’s value is to maybe include the OS in the package. We’ll see.


Finally. After my dufus of a brother managed to almost reduce it to a rather large conversation piece, our treadmill is once again up and running (no pun intended). I now have roughly two weeks to shed a considerable amount of weight so I can fit into a pair of trousers I need to wear for a friend’s wedding. It’s close to an impossible task but I have hope: according to Mrs. Killer, something special awaits if I keep exercising till the end of the year. A carrot on a stick, hopefully a carrot you can play video games on.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Stupid task for the day number four hundred and eleven: I need to call my car insurance company and ask them to correct a--hmmmn--small error on the insurance papers. They freakin’ put in the wrong freakin’ license plate number. I'm more than a bit agitated because knowing how these things work, I shall probably have to accomplish approximately thirteen hundred forms and talk to half of the company’s personnel before they can even begin to process my request. Perhaps some CPM is in order?

Management Management

So that’s what it is: Corporate Performance Management. They’ve got us reading up on performance and process improvement methods over here where I work so I ran into something called “cpm”. Funny this is there were probably a dozen or more non-business related definitions so I spent a fair amount of time digging it up. When I did find what it meant, I did some further researching (read: Wikipedia) and dug up this gem: “A process that helps organizations optimize their business performance. It is a framework for organizing, automating and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that drive business performance.1” It’s a process for analyzing other processes.

I should have become a painter.

1] http://www.bpmmag.net/magazine/article.html?articleID=13966


Talk about sneaky. A friend was telling me how he (almost) got conned into getting an insurance policy from some barstid posing as a promo guy giving away free vacations. So he was minding his own business, my friend was, when from out of nowhere comes this guy telling him he was qualified for an overnight stay in some hotel in Tagaytay. I suppose at this point you could argue that it was as much my friend’s fault as it was Mr. Con-nery’s, but let’s keep at it. So he has my buddy fill out a “registration” form that turned out to be several requests for life insurance quotes. Granted, there was no money involved, the false pretense, in my mind, still qualifies what transpired as garden-variety thievery.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

For that Special Offer

Man I am pumped about moving to a new place. It’s not that I dislike living where I am now, but it has more to do with fresh starts and all, you know? It’s also good having a lump of clay you can mold and shape to what you want, and this is the part I like best. It’s a treat shopping for new things for a new home. I say if Joe (God rest his soul) had issues about being lost in a supermarket, I quite fancy getting lost in between aisle after aisle of cabinets, bathroom installations, tubs, kitchen sinks, garden hoses, and all that.


My youngest brother turned twenty-one this year. I was twelve when he was born so I got the chance to take care of him as a baby. I look at him now and shake my head in disbelief at how fast time goes by: it doesn’t seem like twenty years to me. There were diapers and feeding bottles; then came coloring books and video games; next were basketballs and acne treatment; now, we’re currently at daily shouting matches about him still acting like a child--when I sometimes wish he still was.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Spoliarium

You'll be better off seeing it in person. It truly is a sight to behold.

Tree's a Crowd

I was watching a reality show based on a real estate/house restoration company on the Bio Channel the other night. Things became really interesting when the landscape people they hired decided to move some huge trees to the other side of the garden they were working on. Yeah I know entire towns can now be moved house by house but still, the idea of moving services (of sorts) for trees is an undoubtedly good one. Plus they said that moving a tree takes considerably less time than chopping it down--or planting one and waiting for it to grow.