Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Free Lunch

My brother, being of the fit-is-great generation, has been bugging me to lend him some money so he can start work on turning one of our house’s smaller rooms into his personal fitness gymnasium—or altar, like he calls it. He says he needs free weights/dumbbells/whatever the heck they call them nowadays, a barbell (and plates, of course), and a couple (don’t ask me why) of weight benches. Other optional, but nice to have things on his list include a personal ref, a boom box, and air-conditioning. I told him that he left out an important item on his to-get list: a job.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


There was a young gentleman from New York, who liked his beans served with pork…
“That’s right,” he proudly declared, “Neither bean nor slice of pork will I spare”,
and promptly wolfed down a bowl of the stew with a fork.

One fine sunny day in September, he was challenged by a group of mortgage lenders:
They said, “Here us well, dear fellow”, “and watch as this 50-gallon tank of stew, we swallow”,
and as they gulped and chewed their bellies grew, destroying their trouser suspenders.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


"Somebody better come here and look for me."

George "Buddy" Guy, telling everyone how bad he had the blues in "I found a true love" (Chess LP 409, I Was Walking Through The Woods).

Sure Shot 5

continued from Sure Shot 4

With the camera ready, he looked around for something he could serve as a blind, if you will, as he stalked his prey. He stood up briefly, crouched back down, and proceeded to the door—he planned on searching in the other rooms. As he neared the door, something got caught in one of his boot lace eyelets. At first it looked like a strip of awning, but then he realized it was a light-weight car cover.

“Perfetto!” he whispered to himself. “I couldn’t have found a better blind if I was friends with Ray Charles.”

He stacked up a couple of crates on either side of an overturned ottoman, and started work on what would be his hiding place for the next few hours.

to be continued...

Monday, February 11, 2008


Sometimes sport is better than art because there's no other interpretation for being knocked out by a left hook.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Long Distance

I just paid my phone bill. There's just something about having to give your phone number to the phone company. Heh.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Immagini - Review III

Some of my favorite photographs from the past two years. Smile!

Copyright Sherwin Ian S. Reyes

Angel of Carlem

I’m not quite sure how it all exactly works, but there’s a ministry in Arizona that has a unique way of doing its pastoral work. The ministry’s called Car Angel ( and they raise funds for their outreach work for single mothers, the homeless, drug dependents, and orphans by taking in used car donations. There’s no information on how they raise funds using donated vehicles, but it says on the web site that money raised goes to the production of videos (children’s movies, documentaries and informational on drug abuse). They claim to have given away 2.4 million copies of these videos, so I guess they’re getting the job done. You can learn more about them here.

Lolo Genio

“Sa Las Vegas po, ‘Tay. Sa Las Vegas, Nevada. Doon po nakatira ngayon si Macky.”

“Ano kamo, Vigan? Anong ginagawa niya doon? Eh kung dito rin pala sa Pilipinas magta-trabaho si Macario, bakit hindi na lang sa Maynila?”

“Hahaha! Mom said “Las Vegas”, Lolo Eugene. Uncle Macky finally landed a job—he’s a busboy in some Vegas hotel.”

“Ahhh, bigas. Mabuti’t nagpasya na rin si Macario na mag-negosyo na lang. Mainam din na bigasan ang napili niya. Siguradong walang lugi at kailangan ng lahat ng tao ng kanin.”